This books listed in this section are the ones I find most useful for a Flash MX developer.

ActionScript for Flash MX

"This is one book that no serious Flash MX developer should be without! It is considered by many to be the most complete work on the ActionScript programming language, and I would definitely agree!"

5 Stars

Object-Oriented Programming with ActionScript

"Not for the faint at heart - this book is for the intermediate to advanced developer who is creating cutting edge applications, and wants to get the most out of Flash MX and ActionScript."

5 Stars

Robert Penner's Programming Macromedia Flash MX

"Another great book which covers a great deal of ActionScript technique and application, and combines complex mathematics and physics.

Useful for diving into the Drawing API"

4.5 Stars

ActionScript for Flash MX
Pocket Reference

"Very handy pocket reference covering the ActionScript programming language.

I take this with me whenever I travel, and don't want to carry my big Moock book along. The small size fits into the pocket of my 17" PowerBook bag so it's always available"

5 Stars



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