Mr. Flash is Eric W. Hake, the CEO of IMS, Inc., in Corvallis, Oregon.

Eric got his start programming in 1978 on the TRS-80 Model I, with an expansion interface. He then moved on to the TRS-80 Model II and Model 16 with the 8" discs. A few years later, he bought an Apple II+, with a Videx Videoterm 80-column video card, and began developing software for that system as well. Additional projects were written for the CP/M operating system.

In 1981, when the IBM Personal Computer was released, he quickly learned the new machine and began developing custom business software. For the next two decades, the software projects all revolved around the Intel processor, from DOS through all versions of Windows.

Pulling from his experience with CP/M and Xenix, he quickly fell in love with the BSD flavor of Unix -- starting with SunOS, and then NetBSD, FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

This knowledge of the BSD operating system and an emerging Internet market over the last decade led Eric to start his own web hosting farm using BSD machines based on the Intel platform.

When Apple computer embraced BSD in their latest operating system OS X, Eric made the switch, and hasn't looked back since! OS X is incredible!

He switched out all the Intel boxes with Apple XServes and has experienced much greater reliability and uptime then ever before! The XServe with OS X Server is an unbeatable combination.

Meanwhile, back on the web server farm, Flash was an up and coming technology, which offered the promise of a graphical interface that provided an identical user experience on any platform via the Flash Player.

Eric began using Flash in the early days, and has stayed with it ever since.

Eric is available for on-site training, group training sessions, seminars and speaking engagements and contract programming jobs.

You can contact me at:

Eric W. Hake


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