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05/06/03 - Well a lot can happen in 24 hours! Macromedia came through yet again as the great company they are, and helped set me up with the DCK for Windows! I'll try to work them into the Flash MX Advanced Developer tutorial as well. Thank you Greg and Scott of Macromedia!

05/05/03 - Bad news from Macromedia DevNet Customer Service - The much touted Data Connection Kit (also know as the FireFly components) which are only available for Windows, will not be available for DevNet Professional Subscribers if they picked "Macintosh" as their primary platform. This doesn't make a lot of sense to me since the Flash Remoting MX for Windows tools are freely available, so I am appealing this decision. In the meantime, be warned that Macintosh developers are getting the short end of the stick yet again. (stepping off the soap box now)

05/01/03 - Having recently signed up for the DevNet Professional subscription, I now have the latest Developer Resource Kit, and I am beginning to work with the latest component sets namely the:

  • Bevel Component Set
  • Flash UI Component Set 5 (Containing the new Tab Component, Week View Calendar Component, Slider component, Accordion Pane Component and TextField Component)
  • Flash UI Components for Devices (Containing customized lightweight components optimized for the Pocket PC 2002 - CheckBox, ComboBox, ListBox, RadioButton and ScrollBar)
  • ActionScript Data Validation library (This data validation library is used with the new TextField component, to provide validation of common user input such as zip codes, phone numbers, dates, etc.)

Each of these items will be covered in my next VTC tutorial: "Flash MX Advanced Developer"

4/28/03 - Macromedia has recently announced the DevNet Professional subscription service which is a new way to keep up to date with their development tools, servers and the quarterly Developer Resource Kits. Since I owned Studio MX already, I was able to get the first year subscription for only $599. USD.

If you don't already own Studio MX, they will charge the full retail price of $1499.00 USD.

For a feature comparison between the different levels, you can click here.


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